I write about the stuffs I have learnt and experienced over the years. Almost all technical information found here are battle tested; being used on live projects.


Scrape Glassdoor data with NodeJs

Mar 05 - 3 min read

There are multiple ways to scrape data off a webpage...


Upload files directly to S3 with pre-signed URL

2021 Oct 12 - 4 min read

This post will describe an approach to upload files directly to AWS S3 using presigned URL. The pre-signed URL will be generated ...

Add "Copy to clipboard" button on any HTML element

2021 Aug 26 - 3 min read

It will work for all of type of frontend frameworks(including SSR and JAM-stack)...

Manually setup Google analytics on GridSome sites

2021 Aug 24 - 2 min read

As we all know analytics is an essential part of any website. Google analytics is the best free tool..

Integrate Instagram Basic Display API with Node.js

2021 Jul 29 - 4 min read

This article will demonstrate how Instagram can be integrated with your system. Specifically, it explores a mechanism to show users’ Instagram posts...

Server running out of space 😱

2021 Jun 25 - 2 min read

If your job involves maintaining server, you are likely to stumble onto this issue sooner or later. Unlike CPU load, high traffic etc..

Infinite pagination with ElasticSearch

2021 Jun 25 - 1 min read

Elastic Search always returns top 10 results by default. To get large volume of results, we need to use Search API. Sometimes that isn't enough..

Continuous deployment with GitHub Action

2021 Jun 25 - 2 min read

This article demonstrates a straightforward approach to Continuous deployment using GitHub Actions..

Beware of dynamoDB TTL

2021 Jun 25 - 2 min read

Its a very basic requirement for applications to delete data item from the database after it has no use..

OTP Vefification with Vonage

2021 May 30 - min read

OTP verification has become a common feature of modern web and mobile applications..


Multiple usage of custom filters in Vue.js

2020 Sep 30 - 3 min read

A Vue.js filter is simply a function that takes an input, processes it and gives an output...

Migrate vue-i18n to poeditor

2020 Sep 23 - 4 min read

Internationalization is a basic feature for web apps having users from different corners...

Scalable schema for DynamoDB

2020 Aug 17 - 3 min read

DynamoDB is a NoSql database and models data in Table-Items-Attributes structure. It allows data-item to be...

Dead Simple Authorization Technique Based on HTTP Verbs

2020 Aug 17 - 3 min read

I will discuss a dead simple authorization technique based on HTTP verbs..


Shared custom response from rails controller action

2019 May 01 - 2 min read

This post explains my recent experience regarding the endevour of implementing...


Custom Middleware in Django

2018 Dec 17 - 3 min read

Middleware is a framework of hooks into Django’s request/response processing. It’s a light, low-level “plugin” system for globally...

Automatic summarization using Text Rank

2018 Jan 06 - 3 min read

Automatic summarization is the technique of shortening a text document with computer program to create a summary with the major ideas...